Regular Share Account

Teach your children to become “savers” from an early age by getting them started with their own regular savings account.  All they need is a social security number, a responsible adult joint owner, and $25 initial deposit to make their own financial beginning.  Give them a safe place to save their baby-sitting, lawn-mowing, or birthday money by opening an account for them today.

Youth Certificate

Plan for their future with a special certificate account designed to benefit your children as they become adults.  This term certificate can be opened at any age up to 18 years, earns a variable rate (based on monthly average of the 26 week Treasury Bill rate), and can be added to throughout the lifetime of the certificate.  It matures on their 18th birthday just in time for the additional money needs of young adulthood.  (Early withdrawal penalties apply.)

Teen Checking

Equip your teenager with the financial skills they will need as they enter the adult world.  Open a joint checking account with your teenage son or daughter to help instruct them with a real world view of personal finance.  Our staff members are here to assist your teenager in how to keep track of their account, how to fill out a check, how to use and track a debit card, and to answer any questions they have along the way.

Education Savings Account (ESA)

Begin saving today to help your young person pay for higher education expenses tomorrow.  Contributions to Coverdell ESAs are not tax-deductible but distributions used to pay for qualified education costs are generally tax free.  (Contact your tax professional or visit for information and guidance on ESAs.)