All Platinum

Carry the card that offers you a low rate, no annual fee, and can earn you rewards for future travel and merchandise; the ECFCU Platinum Visa Card!  At ECFCU, we offer only Platinum Visa cards as we believe every qualifying member deserves the benefits of Platinum.   (Apply Here.)


Worldwide acceptance at over a million merchant and ATM locations is only the beginning of the features you’ll discover with your ECFCU Platinum Visa card.  Add Visa’s Zero Liability Policy*, $500,000 Travel Accident Insurance, and Scorecard Rewards Bonus Points and you have a Visa card that deserves its place at the top of your wallet.


Starting out with no credit or starting over after poor credit can be a discouraging process.  A Share-Secured Platinum Visa can help you begin working on your new credit future now.  By securing funds in a special share account we can issue a credit card, in most cases, with a credit line to match the amount in the account.  (Some restrictions apply.)

Balance Transfer

Pay off your higher-rate bank credit cards and department store charge cards with a “No Fee” balance transfer to your ECFCU Platinum Visa card.  We make the process quick and easy so you can start saving on your credit card bills right away.  Call us for more details.

Payment Options

You choose the best option for you when it comes to making your Visa payment.  You can make your payment by mail, by bill payment, in person, or by phone (to pay from your ECFCU account).  If you don’t want to have to think about it each month, have us pay it for you automatically from your payroll deduction, direct deposit, or any of your accounts at ECFCU.  You can also pay online through

*Visa's Zero Liability policy covers U.S.–issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify ECFCU promptly of any unauthorized use.